Petty Errands is a Limited Company Incorporated in 2006 but founded in 1995. Commenced operations in 1995, becoming the pioneer business of its kind in Kenya. Petty Errands Limited is a service provider that offers courier services to individuals as well as the Kenyan Business Community, within Nairobi.

Since then, Petty Errands Limited has grown in the number of customers we have, and in the various services on offer. Petty Errands Limited has continued since its inception to offer impeccable services to our clients and hence continued to grow. Due to our outstanding performance, we have curved a niche for ourselves in the courier business and have received media attention.

Our Vision

To decentralize our operations with a vast network of pick and drop off points within Nairobi Central District to create easy accessibility and convenience in major buildings and offices complexes. We strive to attain competence, Professionalism in customer care support and administration while offering Errand running services and courier services as our core business and provide value- added services to a large customer base throughout the Kenyan market.

Our Values

    • Observe highest level of integrity in all areas of operations
    • Our business ethics shall be anchored on respect for the rule of law
    • Endeavour to respect all members of staff and society
    • Ensuring highest level of safety for all, and conservation of resources.

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