We provide a low cost, reliable, local, shorthaul and intercity courier distribution service across key regional and metropolitan locations across Nairobi from Thika to Kitengela and most places in between. Petty Errands can provide all this and so much more.

    • Business registration

      We do offer business registration services on behalf of our clients. Both sole proprietorship & limited liability companies are covered.

    • Banking, Bill payments, KRA services (PIN & returns filling), NSSF & NHIF application

      Tired of running around and filling all the paperwork yourself? Shabach is right here to do it on your behalf.

    • Mail collection & distribution

      Fast, safe and efficient mail collection and distribution services available at low cost to you.

    • Parcel delivery

      We handle customer parcels with utmost strictness & confidentiality. We ensure the parcels reach the intended recepients as fast as possible without any damages.

    • Fliers, Banners and Posters distribution services

      We also offer copy and print services to lighten your workload. As an added service, we distribute flyers on your behalf.

    • Gifts & flower delivery

      Making your loved one feel special made easier. Fast gift and flower deliveries within Nairobi & its environs.

    • Temporary Call-In Service

      This service is offered to those who do not have an account with us. Clients can call for service on “in-need” basis. This service is suitable to individuals or institutions with low volume of mail.

    • Urgent Service

      This is a time sensitive service where deliveries are done within one hour from the time we pick from the consignor and the time it is delivered to the consignee. All our clients enjoy this option and are welcome to call at any time Monday through Friday.

    • Dedicated Service

      A motorbike Courier is assigned to a specific client on a daily basis. The Courier reports to your office at 8:00 a.m. and will be at your service throughout the day up to 5:00 p.m. For this service, Petty Errands Ltd guarantees a back up Courier and Motorbike incases of any breakdown to ensure a smooth operation.

    • Normal Mail Service

      In this option, we send our courier to your premises at specified times daily depending on your requirements, to deliver or collect items for same day expedition.

Benefits of using our services

    • Less Investment in Asset and Asset Management.
    • Cost Savings.
    • Budgeting and Cost Planning.
    • Credit.
    • Control and easy tracking system.
    • More Time in Your Hands.
    • Dependable.
    • Eradicate Embarrassing Moments.
    • Tailor Made Services.

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